Thursday, August 21, 2014

Getting Here

Before I get into all of the fun bits of living in Japan, I might as well share the experience of actually getting out here.

The voyage begins Thursday night/Friday morning, at 1 AM.

The plane had a camera mounted on the belly. A neat gimmick.

My first realization that I'm going to be living in Asia: KPop on the in-flight entertainment.

And Kyary too!

16 hours later, and I'm in Hong Kong. The pilot said the weeks worth of rain helped to keep the smog pollution to a minimum. Pretty sad.

The airport itself was pretty nice. Even had a Bruce Lee display.

It helped to pass the 4 hour layover.

And back on the plane for another 4 hours.

Train ride from the station to the hotel. This part of the trip was the hardest. First off, it's insanely hot. over 90 degrees and about 95% humidity. Instant sweat. It didn't help that I was super tired,only having slept 5 hours in the past 36. Customs was no fun either; the new shoes I brought seemed suspicious to them, and forced an x-ray screening. The train ride was about an hour and a half, further complicated by the rush hour crowd. Compound that with the two 50 plus pound suitcases I had to carry up and down the stairs. When I finally checked in, I could only muster the energy to go across the street to grab some nourishment.

These sandwiches from 7-11 are so satisfying. Japanese bit read "mikksu sendo" (variety sandwich pack).
The generic brand of instant noodles is still my favorite.

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