Friday, September 5, 2014

August: The Food

A James Brown themed restaurant in Dotonbori.

Cook your own meat!

Good food and good company.

Grocery store sushi. At about 6 O'clock, the markets start reducing prices on their prepared foods. This dinner set cost about $6.

This bottle of Evian came with a lovely bottle sack.

Cheese filled beef curry. One of the most scrumptious things I've ever eaten. $7
What the hell is going on with my hair?

Sometimes you just want a grilled cheese sandwich. A note on bread in Japan: it comes in bags of 3 to 5 slices ONLY! And the slices are extra big like Texas Toast. Kind of annoying. 

Delish Korean beef set. Less than $6.

Traditional Okonomiyake. It's like a savory pancake. Mine was filled with squid.

Raw horse meat. It tastes just like it sounds. Like you walked up to a horse, gave it a pet, then took a bite out it.

Ōsaka's trademark dish: takoyaki. Fried balls of octopus. So nummy.

Cheese and squid. I like squid. $9.

I miss real pizza.

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