Monday, September 15, 2014

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival

It's Danjiri Festival season. This one took place in the Kishiwada area. Don't skip the videos! They really give you a sense of how lively the place is.

Squid. Chewy, but tasty. 

Danjiri floats are carved out of giant logs of wood. They weigh about 4 tons and are pulled by as many as 400 people. They can also reach a dangerously high speed.

You got to love that rhythm.

Yes, even the Japanse can make a mess at times. This might be the result of the fact that there are no trash bins to be found in the streets of Japan. And I mean none; they were removed several years ago after a terrorist attack.

This officer is being extra vigilant by using his DSLR camera to take pics of the passing floats.

Great chicken at $3 a cup.

Chocolate banana on a stick.

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