Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ōtori Danjiri Fest

It was Danjiri weekend. I, and everyone else, have been looking forward to this for a while. It featured tons of my students who seemed to get a kick out of saying hello to me as they raced by. And by the videos I posted, you can see just how fast they went.

"It's Danjiri time suckaaaaazzzzzz!!!!" 
(translation may not be entirely accurate)

Yummy chicken strips.

Custard filled donut.

Italian sausage? Just like home!

These were interesting. Soft, warm strawberries covered by a glass-like candy coating. Difficult to eat.

Bamboo to my left.

Fest food to my right.

Theres something extra awesome about attending a fest in an old temple park.

You can only walk the streets between Danjiri runs.

Nice parking job!

I thought this was bacon wrapped around a hotdog but it was actually bacon wrapped around rice. Not as tasty. I should tell them that my idea would be better.

Only pansies would slow down while taking a 90 degree turn in the rain surrounded by thousands of pedestrians.

So I was pretty close when a Danjiri hit this electrical pole. Mind you, it was raining at the time. They simply backed up, and continued on their way. 
Why is that girl looking at me like that? Perhaps I am her sensei!

Awesome Japanese steak.

This is a trademark of the fest. Some kind of fish cracker, glazed with a syrup, topped with puffed rice, an egg, and mayo. This was not tasty at all. The egg portion was okay. But, there is no wasting food in Japan. Easily the most difficult thing I've eaten so far.

Super tender octopus.

Doraemon treat!

Preparing for another run.

A good look at how many people it takes to pull a Danjiri.

Another towel for the collection.

The fest was amazing. The Danjiri are epic. The people were so nice. A bunch of older guys chatted us up (mostly about baseball and Nashville). I got to see to about 200 of my students (not an exaggeration). And the weather was mostly cooperative. All of this happened literally down the street from my apartment. I can still hear the ting-ta-ting as I type this.

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