Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September: The Food

Our adventure begins at Mos Burger, and their attempt at a taco. Not very successful. I do love melon soda, though!

Dominos has English online ordering. It tastes exactly as it does back home. So as far as Japanese pizza goes, this is super delicious.

Hello Kitty shaped something something (with rice inside of course). Bought as the grocery store was closing so it was half off.

Cold udon paired with squid and shrimp tempura is quickly becoming one of my favorite dishes.

That's Mister Donut to you, buddy.

Burger King out here gives you the option of chili, cheese, or both as fries toppings.

Jumbo, American style hot dog in the den-den town (geeky area of Osaka).

Haven't been yet, but want to try. This might be my only chance at a traditional breakfast meal out here.

KFC sandwich was a little small. Tasty, though.

I found the import aisle!

Order your ice-cream via ticket machine.

Then hand the ticket to lady behind the counter. No need for interaction!

Vending machine popsicle.


Pro wrestling cup of noodles!

A little blurry, but believe me, this pear and kiwi ice-cream was fantastic.

This curry is what dreams are made of.

There's a lot of ice-cream in this post. This is what convenience store, pre-wrapped, soft-serve looks like.

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