Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I finally started cooking for myself.

Castle in Kyoto at night.

The Japanese love to light stuff up during the holidays.


Everyday of the last week of school before break I found treats waiting for me at my desk.

My calligraphy skills are improving.

My pottery isn't so bad either.

I went to a Spanish bar with some buddies. The bartender made me one of his own nonalcoholic creations. It was on the house because the bar and I have the same name.

The Japanese love Christmas, but its just for fun for them. No religious overtones or days off. Pretty much a more romantic Halloween. 

This bus was so loungey.

The guy in front of me had the same shoes as me. 

Japanese Mcdonalds is having a potato crisis so they give you some nuggets to offset the smaller fries.


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